Real-life experience and expertise within specific industries sets KBACE apart from other providers and ensures we deliver on our mission to help organizations maximize the value derived from Oracle’s primary ERP platform – E-Business Suite – and next generation applications including Fusion and Taleo.

KBACE prides itself on the breadth of its industry experience.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturers are on a constant pursuit to enhance the efficiency of their supply chain and serve a very mature client base. Price pressures, increased competition, ever-evolving workforce challenges, acquisition and divestures considerations are very disruptive to the pursuit. KBACE provides a global/enterprise perspective to systematically control the disruptions; simplify and validate an integrated supply chain; and let customers focus on providing their clients with visibility of data critical to their decision making.

Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace & Defense industry faces enormous pressure and opportunity with the transformational approach to national defense; the global economy introducing new markets and new competition; and ever changing regulatory requirements. Although this industry tends to lead with cutting-edge, lean manufacturing business processes, disparate systems and processes can obstruct this culture of agility. KBACE brings forth skills to optimize processes across the enterprise, approach to validate the highly integrated/dependent process, and standardize complex data definitions. Less maintenance on process and system integration leads to increased focus on the business – focus on leaning-out internal processes and developing new service offerings.

Medical Device/Product Based Life Sciences

As medical technology companies focus on supporting their clients and markets with leading edge technology, their business processes and systems must support a highly dynamic and highly regulated environment. Logical, pragmatic design and rapid time-to-market must be coupled with validation and adherence to strict internal and external governance. KBACE supports these companies with a unique approach and proven skills to deploy a platform of system-enabled business processes and procedures. The platform allows the business to focus on supporting their clients and expanding their portfolio of products and services.

High-Tech Manufacturing

High-tech companies maintain one of the most complex business models to serve one of the most dynamic business markets.  It’s a constant pursuit of developing leading-edge technologies, serving a highly competitive marketplace, and all the while, leading/educating/nurturing an ever-adapting client-base. The complexities of this industry are almost never-ending; revenue recognition, new product development, demands for emerging services, customer intimacy, and almost minute-by-minute sales forecasting. While Oracle provides the most comprehensive solution to serve this industry, applications and technology alone could never address the insatiable requirements of this industry.  

KBACE’s portfolio of clients within this industry provides us with the experience to not only support this industry, but anticipate requirements the company has yet to consider. In order to maximize the value of an optimized business platform, KBACE considers the entire business through our Global Design. This definition will ultimately allow for rapid changes to the overall business models via introduction of new products, acquisitions, and divestitures. KBACE emphasizes important tenets such as master data management of major data elements such as products, customers, and suppliers with streamlined business processes ultimately pushing a self-service environment to maintain data and execute the transactions.

Professional Services

Professional service companies and organizations maintaining professional service practices face opportunities and challenges unique to any industry within the KBACE portfolio. Organizations that consult, guide and lead generally don’t look to other organizations for guidance and consultation. However, the “cobbler’s children” analogy applies more than ever to this industry. This industry must enhance and sharpen their skills and business model to effectively lead their client-base. They must attract and retain the best talent in the industry, capture and publish dynamic data to run internal operations, and implement governance and processes where human relationships typically prevail.
Many times lofty requirements outweigh the reality of a business and technology platform. KBACE combats this “bridge to far” factor with its significant experience and standard approach. Our approach brings Oracle standard business flows proven as modern best practices as the basis for validating business requirements. These business flows extend throughout the organization including sales, operations, and human capital management. Business processes and systems will never replace relationships and the human interaction, however they will provide the foundation to support internal operations to allow senior and practice management to spend more value-add time with their clients.

Software/SaaS/Cloud Management

Companies developing, selling, supporting and enhancing a software product and/or software as a service (SaaS) face similar challenges as the most complex models in High-Tech industry. However, this industry sector sees more startup/green field companies and platform shifts than any other. This entrepreneurial dynamic tends to focus on the core product and the market versus internal processes and governance. At a point in their lifecycle, these companies must focus on internal processes areas such as sales & operational forecasting, revenue recognition, talent management, cost management, etc. These areas are critical not only for self-preservation, but given the dynamics of the industry, to prepare the organization for potential acquisitions or to be acquired.

Oracle Applications and Technology provide an effective platform for a major and midsize software company and/or SaaS-provider. Oracle being the second largest software company in the world runs its business on a single global instance of Oracle EBS. KBACE leverages this platform to transform an organization from entrepreneurial assembled processes and disparate systems to an integrated, streamlined environment. KBACE excels in leading these organizations through modern best practices related to critical areas such as revenue recognition and talent management.