A key challenge for any IT Organization is to provide high quality, timely information to the business amongst a constantly evolving IT environment.  

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a set of principles and methodologies that allows for fast changing IT landscapes. It enables organizations to respond quickly to new business imperatives, leverage existing investments, develop distinctive new capabilities, and helps align Business and IT more closely.

At the core of SOA is the realization that the Organization's information resides across heterogeneous environments, and that most Organizations need to be agile to be competitive. Applications can publish a service (such as Employee information) which other applications can subscribe to. Orchestrating those services into a process allows for information movement and availability for the business.

KBACE Technologies helps its customers realize the benefits of SOA.  Whether customers are just starting with SOA, or if they are already on the SOA maturity path, KBACE offerings are tailored to assist and accelerate SOA adoption in real-world settings. 

SOA Maturity Roadmap

Initiation – Establish a solid foundation.

Simple, quick win projects are used to demonstrate value. The SOA Strategy, Vision, Roadmap and SOA Foundation infrastructure is built.  A Proof of Concept Pilot SOA project is initiated and Service components are designed using SOA principles and frameworks.  Finally, SOA training is created. KBACE offerings include:
  • SOA Roadmap and Strategy Advisement
  • SOA Fast Start Training Workshops
  • SOA/AIA Pilot Project Implementation

Expansion – Build on the foundation.

Service candidates are built that can be implemented by line-of-business teams.  Composite applications from loosely coupled services are setup to leverage service virtualization.  A governance program is established, SOA monitoring is put in place, a review of operational modern best practices is conducted, and the SOA Reference Architecture is refined. KBACE offerings include:
  • SOA Governance  Strategy and Implementation
  • SOA/AIA Project Portfolio Implementation leveraging the Blended Delivery Model
  • SOA/AIA Infrastructure Implementation

Optimization – Increase adoption.

SOA is rolled out to multiple business units in the organization while maximizing asset reuse, process driven architecture, and optimization.  Key Performance Indicators are established, Business Activity Monitoring is leveraged, and Enterprise Cross divisional adoption of SOA is achieved. KBACE offerings include:
  • Business Activity Monitoring FastStart
  • SOA/AIA Project Portfolio Implementation with emphasis on cross divisional asset reuse and monitoring
  • SOA Training FastStart Workshops

SOA Center of Excellence – Optimize decision making.

A mature SOA program is established across the organization and the business enjoys agility, loose coupling, and the ability to adapt quickly to changing business scenarios. SOA supports business objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner, actionable metrics are available, multiple divisions leverage a common approach, and decisions can be made faster. KBACE offerings include:
  • SOA Project Portfolio Implementation
  • Managed Services Offering