Global HCM Road Map Planning

Design the right blueprint for a global HCM implementation solution through a comprehensive, fixed-price engagement. This two-week session includes discussing the requirements gathering process, setup issues and challenges, and a review of modern best practices for globalizing the HCM application.

Understand the Localization concept in Oracle HCM and the process steps necessary to successfully implement a Global HCM project. At the end of this workshop, a roadmap will be produced to use in creating the global HCM implementation.

This intensive, two week, fixed-price engagement includes:

  • Define the best-fit strategy for the rollout of the new solution (by country, region, all at once).
  • Review Global Work Structures and Strategies for developing a Global Design.
  • Define the number of languages needed to support operations globally and review the effort necessary to support translations.
  • Review and define the future integration needs between Oracle HCM and existing payroll, recruitment and other applications with HCM content.
  • Review and define the process for conversion of employee records from the legacy system into Oracle HCM.


Global HCM Design

The Global Design initiative takes the HCM global project planning effort to the next level. Properly scope and prepare for a Global Implementation by conducting Global Design requirement workshops and high-level solution design up-front.

Often times larger and/or more complex Global clients have difficulty defining the scope of their implementations and estimating effort and cost. The goal of the Global Design phase is to establish the global requirements and baseline solution from which the remaining project phases are based on. This includes structural design, data conversion considerations, inventory of interfaces, etc. Once the engagement is complete and the scope of the global deployment is fully defined, KBACE will deliver a roadmap, project plan, and cost estimate to deliver the remainder of the project

Deliverables from the Global Design engagement may include:

  • Global Business Requirements Document which captures all approved requirements and business decisions
  • Configured Global Design instance of Oracle and executed Conference Room Pilot test of high level business process and transactions
  • Technical inventory of required Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Extensions
  • Data conversion strategy document outlining source legacy system(s) and the process by which data will need to be extracted, cleansed, mapped, and ultimately loaded into the Oracle solution
  • KBACE will deliver a solution roadmap for completion of the global deployment
    • Application deployment methodology (rollout strategy)
    • Recommended project timeline and detailed plan
    • Staffing plan including resource and cost estimate for KBACE to assist in remaining phases


Application Effectiveness Review (AER)

KBACE has developed a process and solution to enable companies to evaluate and leverage their existing investment in Oracle HCM to provide further functionality and improved management reporting through a comprehensive road map.

This workshop provides expertise to review the current setup and use of the Oracle HCM and determine what process steps and data is missing that would improve the utilization of the system and provide management with better information on their employees. At the end of this workshop documentation will be provided to advance the use and utility of the HCM implementation.

This intensive, two week, fixed-price engagement includes:

  • Review of the current setup and configuration in the HCM application.
  • Detailed analysis and questionnaires of what additional functionality and processes are needed to expand the HCM module to make it a more effective management tool.
  • Review and define the future integration needs between Oracle HCM and payroll, recruitment and other applications in use with HCM content.
  • Discuss adding additional Oracle HCM functionality to the current setup (iRecruitment, Competency Management, Time & Labor, etc.).
  • Delivery of all the documentation necessary to understand the complexity, importance, priority and potential costs in expanding the Oracle HCM system

Payroll/Time Health Check

KBACE has developed a methodology for reviewing and analyzing how a company is currently running Oracle Payroll or Time and Labor. The objective of the health check is to conduct a comprehensive review of a company’s current processes and configurations and develop recommendations for getting the most of the Oracle investment. The KBACE team of seasoned professionals brings years of industry and payroll experience to the table to help companies utilize Oracle Payroll/Time and Labor to its fullest potential.