Adherence to methodology and delivery disciplines is a hallmark of KBACE Project Managers and Delivery Consultants. KBACE has adopted a set of Project Management Standard Operating Procedures that all our Project Managers must follow.  KBACE’s Project Managers work with clients to define a governance model and a corresponding Project Management Plan that covers the following topics, applicable to each individual project.



Scope and Change ManagementOrganization and Staff Management
Financials ManagementCommunications Management
Work ManagementQuality Management
Issues ManagementsConfiguration Management
Risk ManagementOrganizational Change Management
Problem ManagementInfrastructure Management


Advantages of the KBACE Approach

  • Focus - Oracle-based business solutions are implemented using well defined project phases including inception, elaboration, construction, transition, and production. Each of these phases is not considered in isolation with an acutely defined scope and business understanding acting as the foundation for a successful project.
  • Flexibility - The breadth of expertise from KBACE consultants creates a network of different types of IT software development and implemented projects.
  • Time Savings - KBACE Project teams leverage leading practices, industry standards, and their proven track record to complete projects on-time.  Customers are often pleasantly surprised that their unique situation is often times similar to other successful projects done by KBACE consultants before.
  • Elevated Quality - Testing and validation is integrated into lifecycle of the project instead of being done only at the end.  This built-in Quality is a key to a successful project.
  • Cost Efficiency - KBACE ensures project expense control through the use of a flexible work breakdown structure, allowing performance of only the necessary tasks.
  • Risk Reduction - Critical risks are identified and addressed early on in the project lifecycle, resulting in a measurable reduction of scheduling and budgeting risks.


Oracle Unified Method (OUM)

KBACE utilizes OUM, a rapid, widely adaptive and business focused approach to implementations. Using OUM, KBACE establishes a thorough project and program management framework and components to support Oracle’s focus on enterprise-level information technology strategy, architecture, and governances. OUM supports Implementation, Upgrade, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Integration, Customization, Performance Management, and Business Intelligence.

  • Standards Based - OUM is used by KBACE Project Managers to ensure clients understand what is necessary, what is an appropriate architecture, and to aid in end-product ownership transfer. OUM enhances the Unified Process to support the full scope of Oracle related projects when combined with KBACE’s field experience and intelligence.
  • Iterative and Incremental - The iterative and incremental approach to development and deployment of information systems is recognized by KBACE and OUM. Each and any of the tasks within OUM can be iterated. Work quality can be increased to a desired level, adequate level of detail can be added, or work products can be refined and expanded based on user feedback through task iterations.
  • Agile and Disciplined - OUM supports a wide range of project types. OUM is flexible and scalable. The appropriate balance for any given project varies due to the number of project risk and scale factors. The project is built up from a core set of activities rather than tailored down to implement a suitable level of discipline.


Rapid Start Methodology

Successful implementations begin with the correct methodology. KBACE utilizes Oracle’s Rapid Start, a method to manage and guide Oracle Cloud projects.  Rapid Start was designed specifically for Oracle Cloud as a way for customers to implement modern best practice processes and reduce time to value.  Key benefits of Rapid Start include:

  • Integrated Modern Best Practices - Enabled through business flows, configurations, and data migrations 
  • Predictable - Fixed timeline, clearly defined phases, workstreams, milestones, and deliverables allow for a predicable cost and risk profile
  • Accelerated - Familiarization workshops accelerate up front user knowledge and enables customers to participate in key project workstreams
  • Flexible - Project timeline and scope can be tailored to accommodate a range of customer specific needs
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