Advisory Services

KBACE helps customers in almost every industry who are planning to or are about to execute a major change to their business. Having solid advisement can determine the success or failure of those changes.

Building a road map requires the ability to comprehend the needs of the organization, prioritize them based on dependencies and economic value, and then match them to the evolving technologies that Oracle continues to deliver on the road to Fusion and beyond.

The disciplined KBACE approach blends business process and technical architecture skills to clearly articulate the initiatives that will optimize the use of existing technologies and enhance them with newer tools and approaches to deliver synergies and measurable results to the organization.

A typical advisory engagement includes a review of the key elements of the business systems used by the enterprise:

  • Actual and expected use of business applications
  • Master data management processes and disciplines
  • Integration tools and processes
  • Collaboration capabilities

Capabilities are compared to business drivers and a list of initiatives, ranging from small to large, are developed and prioritized based on dependencies, financial and human resources, and economic value. The initiatives are then presented and reviewed with key stakeholders, and re-prioritized based on other internal and external factors influencing the planning horizon.

The plan addresses considerations for Release 12, the Oracle Cloud Applications, Services Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Business Intelligence, and Identity Management along with Business Process Improvement and Enablement.

KBACE experienced professionals apply their subject-matter and process expertise and deep understanding of the Oracle platform to cut to the chase and help develop a realistic plan to achieve significant value in an organized and methodical fashion.

Mergers and Divestitures

KBACE has developed a winning approach to managing and executing the tasks necessary to complete the integration of acquired organizations into the central Oracle platform, or to split out the divested portions from an Oracle system. The KBACE approach includes a proven methodology and a set of processes: tools, templates, and strong advice to complete the effort in a timeframe that helps realize synergies and position the company to achieve transaction objectives. KBACE provides expertise to address each major consideration including:

  • Platform Architecture – Designing changes to accommodate higher volumes, new applications, internet facing applications, and integration with non-Oracle systems. Designs typically incorporate system reliability, availability, performance, and disaster recovery.
  • Business Process Architecture – Incorporating or adopting new business processes within the EBS or Oracle Cloud environment. Processes typically require adding to the application configuration, blending rules for auto-accounting, account generation, and approvals, and developing processes for managing your master data including Customers, Suppliers, Items and Employees.
  • Data Management – Converting data into the EBS or Oracle Cloud environment for a new acquisition. Extracting and terminating data for a divestiture in a manner that avoids issues with stalled workflows, incomplete transactions, and ‘orphaned’ data that creates inaccuracies with reports and business intelligence systems.
  • Cutover Planning & Execution – Developing and executing the cutover plans to migrate master and transactional data, reconciliation of data, termination and commencement of transaction processing, all typically performed around the clock on cutover weekend.
  • Post Production Support – Providing 24x7 functional and technical support during the ‘break-in’ period after cutover.