KBX customers use the KBX™ product and familiar Microsoft® Office applications to access and work with data for the following areas:

Human Resources

The KBX Human Resources Toolkit is a powerful, dynamic reporting tool created to effectively leverage your Human Resources data. Because KBX utilizes the Microsoft Office Suite, users have the ability to tap into the massive power of Microsoft Excel and create complex reports to provide top Executives with strategic salary and organizational analysis. The KBX HR Reporting toolkit allows customers to make informed business decisions that are backed up by solid facts.

Human Resource Transaction Audit Detail

The integrity of your Human Resources data is an all or nothing proposition. Anything less than 100% is unacceptable. Now, more than ever, companies are required to track every transaction - if not every keystroke - within an HRMS system. Inserts and updates only tell half of the story. Equally important are deletes and corrections to your data. KBACE has developed a performance-enhanced solution, leveraging a combination of Oracle-delivered functionality and KBACE engineering.


KBX Benefits reporting templates are used to report on enrollment counts, enrollment rates, life events, enrollment changes, and dependents and beneficiaries.

If used along with Payroll, the KBX Benefits toolkit provides a way to easily balance an employee's communicated deduction in Benefits and the actual Payroll deduction from their checks. This reconciliation process enables deduction errors to be identified quickly and ensure that both payroll and benefits are running correctly.

Open Enrollment

The KBX Benefits Open Enrollment Toolkit eases the burden of Open Enrollment by offering beginning-to-end process assistance. Quickly identify people without an Open Life Event, backed Out Open Life Events, errors from Oracle batch processes, rates that have not been recalculated, and view the first Payroll Check with the new rates.

The KBX Benefits Open Enrollment Toolkit also enables customers to benchmark how many people were processed, when participants are enrolling, how many participants’ are enrolling via Oracle Self Service, the volume of Open Life Events that are re-processed, change in annual cost to the organization, and change in pay period cost to the participants.

KBX facilitates communication through initial enrollment worksheets, worksheets for participants who had a life event, reminders to employees to make their enrollments online, providing contact information for employees with action items, and confirmation statements. Generic extracts can also be formatted for third-party vendors.

Oracle Time & Labor Toolkit

The KBX Time and Labor Toolkit provides instant insight into details and issues related to transferred hours, batches, and timecard details, allowing errors to be identified proactively.

Compensation Workbench Toolkit

The KBX™ Compensation Workbench Toolkit provides a mechanism for audit and analysis, allowing compensation managers to pinpoint any potential issues before they become problems.

Payroll Toolkit

The KBX Payroll Toolkit is revolutionary for Oracle Payroll processing. Payroll offices often find that there are not enough hours in the payroll cycle to identify and resolve problems before funds are released. The KBX Payroll Toolkit was designed to change this by introducing real-time payroll reporting. Now payrolls can be balanced and reconciled prior to the release of funds, giving the payroll department the power to become proactive in reducing downstream problems.

Compare and Analyze Payroll Process (CAPP)

The KBX CAPP tool is a familiar and flexible application used to compare and analyze the payroll process. This tool aids during an implementation by comparing legacy payroll applications with what is being set up within Oracle Payroll. Once the standard payroll process is run, the KBX™ CAPP Tool detects any discrepancies within the system, fixes them, and then reruns until all balances are in-line. Any end user can run and update a report, making the KBX CAPP Tool flexible and fast. The KBX CAPP Tool utilizes step-by-step comparisons and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to ensure familiarity and ease of use.

Payroll Impact Analysis

The Payroll Impact Analysis Kube allows customers to quickly determine the effect of any patch, configuration change, or mass employee update to the Oracle HCM system in minutes. The full Payroll data analysis done by KBX ensures the integrity of the Oracle Payroll system.