The KBACE Business Intelligence (KBI) suite is a powerful, yet easy-to-use unified reporting and analysis platform that provides visibility into the business activities being recorded in the Oracle E-Business Suite.  Boardroom-quality reports and point-and-click ease-of-use makes KBI easily adopted within the business-user community.


KBI Key Benefits


  • Usability – Boardroom-quality output and varied visual metaphors are used throughout KBI. By combining metadata and groupings to drill down and drill through functionality, reporting becomes an interactive experience. Report data changes to reflect specific user permissions allowing top down and bottom up roles without requiring separate reports.
  • Performance – KBI spares production systems from servicing reporting requests and allows information to become available to a larger audience than would be possible if ran directly against the production transactional system. Reports are not submitted, but run on-demand, and are displayed in a matter of seconds.
  • Security – KBI adopts the existing Oracle E-Business Suite responsibility security model and leverages single sign-on through integration with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Support – KBI product support covers compatibility with all Oracle patches and upgrades. Unsurpassed service is just a part of the KBACE experience.
  • Maintenance – KBI requires very little effort to maintain and minimal resources to support. Processing can be scheduled, and users need only a browser and credentials to access the system.
  • Scalability – KBI can be scaled both up/down and in/out to accommodate any size business.


Available Modules

KBI HCM modules are designed to help organizations manage, organize, and develop their most valuable assets — people. 

  • Learning Management – KBI allows managers and training administrators to control employee development and monitor organizational training efficiency.
  • Performance Management – KBI makes it easy to view appraisal results and performance plan details.  Completed, upcoming, and past due reviews are also quickly known by Organization, Location, or Supervisor.
  • Recruitment – KBI provides recruiting metrics for vacancies, applicants, candidates and performance.  Requirements ranging from lists of open vacancies to determining source efficiencies and offer-to-close ratios are easily satisfied with the KBI Recruitment module.
  • Standard and Advanced Benefits – KBI assists in verifying that open enrollments are completed correctly and that no system discrepancies exist. Participation percentages can be monitored to evaluate plan efficiency and sustainability. Critical Benefits information such as annual employee and employer contributions are easily known by Program, Plan Type, and Option.
  • Workforce – KBI makes it easy to analyze key workforce information such as diversity, headcount, EEO, movement, job, salary, terminations, and turnover.