Executive Leadership

Mike Peterson, Chief Operating Officer & President
Mike Peterson, Chief Operating Officer & PresidentMike is a founding member of KBACE. He is responsible for all aspects of operations, and for interacting with clients, employees, and other stakeholders. Mr. Peterson is KBACE’s primary policy maker, setting the tone for the company’s values, ethics and culture. For over 25 years, Mr. Peterson has been involved with Oracle technologies including 10 years at Oracle Corporation.  He is a proven leader with deep expertise in developing strong client relationships, a passion for building outstanding client teams and a disciplined focus on operations and execution.

Amit Ajmani, Vice President and Managing Director, KBACE India
Amit has been overseeing the KBACE Technologies Pvt. Ltd's leadership team Amit Ajmani, Vice President and Managing Director, KBACE Indiaas Managing Director since its inception in 2004. Mr. Ajmani has over two decades of industry experience in both global and India domestic markets. He specializes in execution and management of large-scale and complex technology projects that rely on remote team involvement. His experience setting up and overseeing offshore operations and fostering relationships within the industry has allowed KBACE India to grow and become a key piece of KBACE's success.

Cognizant's Executive Leadership

Cognizant's senior management brings global perspective, deep industry experience and passion for innovation to their leadership roles.