Data Privacy and Security

KBACE Data Privacy and Security

Businesses are collecting and using data more now than ever before to grow and compete. Along with the increasing benefit of data comes an increase in the severity of consequences of a breach of that data. To add to the challenges organizations face, a potential breach can range from something as small as a lost laptop to entire business systems being compromised. In all cases, they can lead to financial implications, bad press, damaged reputation, loss of trust, loss of revenue and for employees, the prospect of disciplinary action.

KBACE understands the importance of privacy and treats it as one of its most critical business objectives.  We maintain a formal and comprehensive security program to protect against the most complex security threats or potential data breaches and to prevent unauthorized access to the data of its customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.

KBACE knows that a company must include privacy when selecting the partners they work with. This whitepaper will help explain many of the data protection measures KBACE has in place and our attention to data security is one more way we are delivering on our commitment to helping customers maximize their investment in Oracle Software.